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Freelance researcher

I have used research through interviewing people to provide material for a play (Second City Theatre Company), to provide information for a House of Lords debate on hospital education (for Michael Young, Lord Young of Dartington, founder of the Institute of Community Studies - now the Young Foundation) and to assess the results of a community planning process for a mixed use / residential development at the former Caterham Barracks (for JTP Architects).  

I have regularly researched local history (both general and site specific) and for an architectural practice (JTP)

As a personal project I am researching the life and work of an 18th century analytical chemist, inventor, desalination pioneer and acknowledged expert on food adulteration called Dr Alphonse Normandy (1809-1864) - who happened to live and work in my home in the 1850s.

Freelance researcher: Experience
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